The Coconut Grove Sailing Club (Miami, FL) would like to invite you to our 14th Annual Howler Regatta.

October 28,29 2023

It is open to the Opti RWB, Opti Green, ILCA 4 & 6, and C420 classes and shall be held at Myers park, located adjacent to CGSC.

Welcome Racers and Coaches!

CGSC and its Race Committee proudly organize over 26 regattas per year. In respect to our 1200 members, we kindly ask our guest racers, their parents and their coaches to support the OA by respecting a few guidelines:


You must register/check-in at our dock office to be approved to store your boat on the premises in a designated space.


You must register/check-in at our dock office to be approved to moor your vessel at CGSC. Note that only sailboats are authorized to dock. Call our launch to taxi to/from the mooring (VHF 78).


Posted on notice board at the end of each day’s racing


  1. No parking for non-members.
  2. Follow the staff’s directions to unload/load.
  3. UPON ARRIVAL – Both competitors and coaches must register their boat with the dock office.
  4. BOAT/DOLLIES STORAGE – Competitors must keep both boat and dolly in their allotted space.
  5. GEAR & EQUIPMENT – Competitors must keep their gear & equipment in the allotted space. no bags, gear, or equipment under the clubhouse.
    Central grass area must remain clear of boats, dollies, gear, and equipment. this area may be used only for rigging purposes, not storing or rinsing.
  6. RINSING – Hoses are conveniently placed for you on the strip and at the end of the northern and southern docks. no rinsing is permitted on the central grass area.
  7. HELP US KEEP CGSC CLEAN – Several trash cans have been added around the boat storage areas, please pick up trash and debris.
  8. Only sailboats are authorized at docks.
  9. No coach boat may be stored at the docks. only a brief “touch and go” courtesy will be allowed.


Every year, on the occasion of the Halloween Howler Regatta, the CGSC members take great pride in decorating their boats and in welcoming trick-or-treaters. Our water taxis will take the trick-or-treaters from boat to boat to collect their stash of candies. To keep the fun going we even have awards for the boats participating!
• This event is open to all our registered racers, their siblings, and the children of our CGSC members
• Regatta participants are pre-registered for the Haunted Mooring Field
• Racers’ siblings/kids of CGSC members must register (free) at the Raffle Desk
• All trick-or-treaters must wear an appropriately sized life jacket to be allowed on the water taxi.
• Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult.



  • (1) 3500 Main Highway
  • (2) 3121 Commodore Plaza
  • (3) 3160 Grand Ave.
  • (4) 3062 Grand Av. (occasional)
  • (5) 3059 Grand Ave.
  • (6) 3351 Virginia St.
  • (7) 3300 Rice St.
  • (8) 2850 Oak Ave.
  • (10) 2800 Florida Ave.
  • (11) 2911 Grand Ave.
  • (12) 2984 Grand Ave.
  • (13) 2889 McFarlane Rd.
  • (14) 2980 McFarlane Rd.
  • (15) 3431 Main Highway