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CGSCIC Instructors and Coaches are Certified by the US Sailing Association. The US Sailing Association represents the highest level of professionalism and integrity in the sport of sailing. At Coconut Grove Sailing Club, we are very proud of our affiliation with the US Sailing Association and the level of quality it brings to our programs.


The US Sailing Basic Keelboat course is the national standard for quality sailing instruction. Taught on a classic 23’ Ensign, this class includes keelboat concepts, boat and preparation, boat parts, nautical terms, rigging, sail trim, departure and return under sail, basic sailing maneuvers, points of sail, five basic knots, wind-sensing, use of navigational charts, basic navigation rules, emergency procedures, anchoring, and overboard recovery.
Goal: Thorough introduction to sailing. Big step towards US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification.
Format: Classroom and water instruction.
Member: $475.00 per person | Non Member: 500.00 per person
Schedule: The 2nd or 3rd weekend of the month, 9AM-4PM both days.
Contact: Phil Adams

Learn at your own pace or with your personalized focus. We can tailor the class to your needs. If you already know how to sail but want to learn the Scot, just need to brush up on your skills, or just want to learn how to fly a spinnaker we can offer private instruction by the hour for 65.00 per hour Member rate or 75.00 per hour Non-Member. If you want to learn how to sail but do it at your own pace with personalized instruction this class if for you.
Price:  $75 per hour per person
Schedule: Upon Request
Contact: Stefan Krumbiegel



For the student coming out of our Basic Keelboat course, two-to-five private coaching lessons typically are required as final preparation for the certification exam.  These are two or three hour on-water coaching lessons per hour and can be shared with one other person.

Finally, the certification exam is both an extensive sailing test and an academic quiz of 80 questions.

*Experienced sailors who do not wish to take the course or coaching may challenge the certification procedure to attain the US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification. They must pass the same test as students who have taken the Basic Keelboat course and have done the private coaching lessons.  Please note that our standards are high.  It is recommended that challengers purchase and thoroughly familiarize themselves with the US Sailing Basic Keelboat textbook beforehand.

Private lesson: $75 per hour

Keelboat Certificate test: $265

Contact:  Philip Adams

SUNFISH: 1 – day course

US Sailing Certified coaches teach sunfish-specific sailing skills.  This course is for students coming out of our basic keelboat course or those with sufficient prior experience.  Please note that the sunfish is a small, somewhat physical boat.  It requires one to be in decent physical shape, and the weight limit is 215lbs.
Goal:  Upon completion of this course, the student can do our sunfish racing clinics.

Format: land drills with tiller extension and mainsheet, capsize drill, rigging the boat, sailing, lunch, sailing, derigging. 

Member: $225 per person | Non-Member: $250 per person
Schedule: First Saturday of month, 9AM-4PM
Contact: Philip Adams


These occur various times a month, and they are a great, inexpensive way to get into small boat racing.  You will learn how to handle a sunfish on all points of sail as well as gain knowledge of beginner racing rules and tactics.
Requirement: Attendance of the Basic Keelboat course or sufficient prior sailing experience:

Level:  Beginner racing

Format:  3-4 hours

Schedule:  Various times a month split between weekdays and weekends

Member: $40  | Non-Member: $45

Contact:  Phil Adams


This course covers all concepts of sailing as well as basic boat systems, maneuvering under power, weather awareness, safety aspects and preparation, chart reading, navigation, and more. Most of the course will be on the boat with the third day reserved for practical skills and written test.
US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification
Format: 3 days Basic Cruising Course

Member: 975.00 per person | Non Member: 1075.00 per person

Contact: Phil Adams

The course reviews basic cruising and considers planning an extended cruise, provisioning, power under difficult and emergency situations, anchoring for the night, advanced sail handling and trim, dinghy handling, and more.
Prerequisite: Basic Cruising Certification.
Format: 4 Days Bareboat Cruising Class

Member: 1175.00 per person | Non Member: 1275.00 per person

Contact: Phil Adams


Format: 4 hour learn to sail

Price: 650.00 per person

Contact: Phil Adams

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