CGSC Youth Sailing Program Disciplinary Policy

CGSC Youth Program Disciplinary Measures and Rules

The coaches and Youth Sailing Director are responsible for ensuring compliance with US Sailing SafeSport Policies and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club (CGSC) Youth Program Code of Conduct. The following procedures are designed to maintain a safe and non-threatening environment for our youth sailors. Infringements of the Code of Conduct and/or norms of sportsmanship and/or inappropriate behavior that the sailor’s coach is unable to correct via coaching guidance and corrective measures1 will result in the following:

    1. First Offense/Warning The sailor will be given a verbal warning in an incident report, prepared by the sailor’s coach, detailing the offending actions of the sailor, and what rule(s) were broken. The incident report will include a statement and/or comments from all parties, and will be signed and validated by the Head Coach. All incident reports will then be discussed with the parents of the sailor(s) involved who will read, sign and date the incident report. A copy of the incident report will be given to the parents of the sailor(s) involved. 

    2. Second Offense/Warning The Second Offense/Warning will follow the same procedure as the First Offense/ Warning. In addition, at the time of the Second Offense/Warning, the Head Coach will provide the Youth Sailing Director with the First and Second Offense incident reports that have been signed by the parents of the sailor(s) involved. The Youth Sailing Director will review the reports for adherence to protocol and completeness. 

    1. Third Offense/ConsequenceThe Third Offense/Consequence will follow the same procedure as First and Second Offenses/Warnings, and if it can be demonstrated that the sailor continues to behave or act in a way that constitutes an established and recorded continued pattern of misbehavior, the sailor will be liable for sanctions (which depend on the severity of the offenses). Depending on the severity of the offenses, the Youth Sailing Director & Rear Commodore will recommend corrective measures. The Youth Sailing Director will review the case for procedure and completeness and analyze per the US Sailing SafeSports Policy. If procedures have been correctly followed, the Youth Sailing Director will accept the recommendation. If procedures have not been followed, the case will be referred to the CGSC Flag Officers for their review and final determination. 

Infraction / Corrective Measures Examples: Not all infractions are equal.

Potential consequences include:

  1. Day suspension 

  2. Week suspension 

  3. Weekend suspension 

  4. Month suspension 

  5. Regatta suspension 

  6. Expulsion 

Although we have a three-strike policy, physical contact (such as hitting, grabbing, pushing, punching, slapping, etc.) or threat thereof will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion, with a review of the offense with the parents of the sailor(s) involved as soon as possible for determination of consequence.

a) The First, Second and Third Offense records are not for life, and expire every
calendar year (one year after the date of each recording). For legal purposes, all previous warnings will be kept on file.
b) If a sailor receives three written warnings and a corrective measure/sanction is handed down to the sailor, after completion of the corrective measure/sanction, the three written warnings will be annulled.
c) CGSC retains the right to withhold refunds of program fees for repeat offenders.
d) Any corrective sanction imposed by the Youth Sailing Director and/or Flag Officers shall not be formally disclosed or otherwise disseminated to other parents, members or families, other than the CGSC management, leadership and/or Board of Directors. Those who do are liable for sanctions within the YSP and the CGSC
e) If any Flag Officer, Director, or staff’s child is involved in a review/final determination hearing, that person will be recused and a Board Member will be appointed by the remaining Flag Officers.
f) If there is any conflict between this policy and the US Sailing SafeSport guidelines and legal requirements, the US Sailing SafeSport guidelines and legal requirements override.
g) Expulsion of a sailor is the most extreme sanction and should be utilized only in the most extreme situations.