You probably have a lot of questions about what exactly entails being part of a Youth Racing Team. No need to worry! We’ve created this page to include a lot of good info for you in order to answer as many of the questions you may have. There’s no way to answer all the questions you may have on one single webpage, but we this section will cover with you a lot of the more frequently asked questions from families in the sailing program at CGSC.

Does My Sailor Have To Attend Every Practice Or Regatta?

Of course not. However, consistently training and “Tiller Time” are directly correlated to skill development and progression. We like to say that there’s more to life than sailing, but if you want to be good at it, sail as often as you can. Regattas are the ultimate way to apply concepts learned and measure your progression.

Do I Need To Buy Them A Boat?

We pride ourselves in providing the most accessible and affordable racing program on Biscayne Bay – and to that effect you don’t have to make the investment into a boat right away as we have an extensive fleet of club-owned Optis and Lasers. However, please be aware that in order to join the Championship Fleet Optimist Team or the Laser Racing Team, you will have to own a boat.

How Do Regattas Work?

Regattas are the sailing version of a “game.” They usually require a participation fee, and we have specific guidelines and requirements about when to attend regattas or specific events. Please talk to your sailor’s coach for more information on this.

How Do I Register For A Regatta?

Easy! Follow our guide to regatta registration which is found on our Docs Page. You can also check out the video version from Opti TV.

Where Can I Buy Sailing Gear?

That depends! On what kind of gear you are looking for and what your budget it. We’ve made a handy Guide To Gear, which you can check out below:

Can I Ride Out With The Coach And Watch Practice/The Regatta?

We wish that we had enough coach boats to get everyone out there, but unfortunately we cannot take passengers other than the kids on our boats. You are welcome to pass by a practice on your own vessel and see, but please be aware that your presence can be distracting for your sailor and can take them out of the headspace for sports practice.

What If I Have More Questions?

No worries! Your first point of contact is your coach, who can answer direct questions relating to your specific team. Otherwise, feel free to contact the Youth Director at We are here to help!