• In-State Regatta Fee: $60 per travel event within the state of Florida outside Miami-Dade County

  • Out Of State Regatta Fees: Varies depending on budget and number of sailors attending the event. All coaching costs associated with travel regattas outside the state of Florida will be evenly distributed amongst the confirmed sailors.

    • A call for interested families will be made at the beginning of the year as to who may want to participate in each out-of state event (includes Summer Regattas).

    • A budget will be drafted and presented at an interest meeting in anticipation of each event (>3 months ahead)

    • Sailors who confirm their attendance will be assessed a deposit based on the budget divided into the number of sailors confirmed to attend.

    • If applicable, all other expenses related to coaching will be divided amongst the team members who participated in the event. (For example: The coach purchased additional gasoline at team trials)

  • Summer Regattas: Any regattas that fall in between the official end of Spring Season and the official start of Fall Season will be organized following the Out Of State Regatta fee schedule. All costs associated with coaching will be assessed to the team members participating in the event evenly.


We are pleased to announce a new set of volunteer incentives for parents of sailors on the Optimist or ILCA Racing Teams:

  • A volunteer driver list will be created at the beginning of each season. Those who sign up as volunteer drivers will be added to club insurance policy for the duration of the season and will have their In-State Regatta Fees of $50/event credited back to them at the end of the season.

  • Parents who elect to use their car to tow club coach boats or trailers will have their mileage at current federal rate OR fuel expenses reimbursed. Fuel expenses are from a full tank of gas on the way to an event. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

  • Those who tow to more than two regattas will receive a further 10% discount on program fees at their next season registration, limited to one registration.

  • Parents who tow to regattas are guaranteed a spot on club trailers.

  • Personal cars used to tow will be added to club auto insurance for the duration of the season.

  • All volunteer drivers must provide a copy of their driver license and vehicle registration in order to be added to the list.


Trailers are limited in amount of boats they can carry, trailer berths are on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are towing a club coach boat you are guaranteed a spot on the trailer.

Trailers transport hull and covers ONLY and other equipment is not to be transported by coaches with the exception of ILCA mast and boom sections due to their size.

To limit liability to club assets, they will not be driven outside the state of Florida.

Special events* and extenuating circumstances are of course, considered. Approval of Youth Director is required.