Club Boat User Agreement

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center Inc, hereafter referred to as “The Club”, allows the sailors participating in the Youth Sailing Program to use the club boats after applicable fees. Each sailor will be provided with all the basic parts to go on the water safely. It is the sailor’s responsibility to report any damages to the coach, and the club will help with the upkeep of these boats. If the damage is deemed by the coach to by deliberate or due to neglect outside of normal wear and tear, it is the parents and sailor’s responsibility to pay for the repairs. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining these boats, so that we can continue to provide a competitive fleet for our future sailors.

The club provides basic issue sailing equipment. Parents are welcome to buy higher-end equipment upgrades such as sails to use in combination with club equipment. Eligible sailors will be assigned a numbered Hull, Daggerboard, Rudder, Sail and associated fittings. Each sailor is responsible for their equipment and will be held liable for any missing equipment provided by the club. The Parent and Sailor agree to replace the damaged or missing parts in a timely manner and assist with all of the costs of repairs to their assigned club boat. The sailor may be provided with, at the discretion of the coach, a club boat while theirs is being repaired.

If a sailor is involved in a collision with another CGSC sailor during sailing practice or a regatta event, the sailor deemed at fault through an examination of the sailing rules is held responsible for any repairs to damage caused to the other boat. Decisions taken by CGSC staff or administration are final.

Authorizations and Disclosures

I hereby authorize my child to participate in the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center, Inc. Sailing Program.

In consideration of the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center, Inc. a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Florida Corporation, providing sailing instruction to my child, I hereby release, acquit, and discharge the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Inc. its successors and assigns, its employees, agents, members, volunteers, officers and directors from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, damages, injuries and cost of any nature or kind whether property, personal injury or bodily injury or any other type of injury or damage that may arise from my child’s participation in the sailing program as well as use of the facilities of the Club, and its equipment. This release is on my behalf as the parent or legal guardian and on behalf of my child and any person claiming through my child.

I understand the risks inherent in the sport of sailing and in water sports in general, and in any activity involving children. I also I attest that I am aware and understand that watersports in Biscayne Bay and other oceanic bodies of water have wildlife and I accept all risks associated with watersports in open bodies of water.

I furthermore attest that my participating child has had swimming instructions and is capable of treading water for five minutes, swimming 10 meters with good form and easy breathing (any swimming stroke) and demonstrates the capacity to alternate floating and treading water for an unlimited period of time. I understand that these skills may help reduce the risks but cannot eliminate them.

I also attest that my participating child is free and unencumbered from any physical or mental impairment and is free of any contagious or infectious disease that might interfere with his or her health or safety during this program.

In consideration of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, I hereby render harmless the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center, Inc. a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Florida Corporation, providing sailing instruction and care to my child, I hereby release, acquit, and discharge the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Inc. its successors and assigns, its employees, agents, members, volunteers, officers and directors from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, damages, injuries and cost of injury due to any supposed or actual contraction of COVID19 on company premises or company event offsite.

I hereby grant Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center, Inc. and its related companies to take, copyright, use, publish, alter, and distribute photographs, movies, films, videotapes, audiotapes, and any other recording of the child. I further irrevocably consent to the worldwide use of the child’s name and voice likeness. I understand that such use may include publicity, advertising, promotion, or any other lawful purpose, without restrictions or remunerations.

I furthermore give authorization to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center, Inc to keep my payment information on file in case of ancillary fees that are applicable from the Youth Sailing Program. I understand I will receive notice before any fees are charged to my method of payment.

I give authorization to the CGSCIC for treatment in the event of any accident or injury if I cannot be reached.

CGSC Youth Program Disciplinary Measures and Rules

The coaches and Youth Sailing Director are responsible for ensuring compliance with US Sailing SafeSport Policies and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club (CGSC) Youth Program Code of Conduct. The following procedures are designed to maintain a safe and non-threatening environment for our youth sailors. Infringements of the Code of Conduct and/or norms of sportsmanship and/or inappropriate behavior that the sailor’s coach is unable to correct via coaching guidance and corrective measures1 will result in the following:

    1. First Offense/Warning The sailor will be given a verbal warning in an incident report, prepared by the sailor’s coach, detailing the offending actions of the sailor, and what rule(s) were broken. The incident report will include a statement and/or comments from all parties, and will be signed and validated by the Head Coach. All incident reports will then be discussed with the parents of the sailor(s) involved who will read, sign and date the incident report. A copy of the incident report will be given to the parents of the sailor(s) involved. 

    2. Second Offense/Warning The Second Offense/Warning will follow the same procedure as the First Offense/ Warning. In addition, at the time of the Second Offense/Warning, the Head Coach will provide the Youth Sailing Director with the First and Second Offense incident reports that have been signed by the parents of the sailor(s) involved. The Youth Sailing Director will review the reports for adherence to protocol and completeness. 

  1. Third Offense/ConsequenceThe Third Offense/Consequence will follow the same procedure as First and Second Offenses/Warnings, and if it can be demonstrated that the sailor continues to behave or act in a way that constitutes an established and recorded continued pattern of misbehavior, the sailor will be liable for sanctions (which depend on the severity of the offenses). Depending on the severity of the offenses, the Youth Sailing Director & Rear Commodore will recommend corrective measures. The Youth Sailing Director will review the case for procedure and completeness and analyze per the US Sailing SafeSports Policy. If procedures have been correctly followed, the Youth Sailing Director will accept the recommendation. If procedures have not been followed, the case will be referred to the CGSC Flag Officers for their review and final determination. 

Infraction / Corrective Measures Examples: Not all infractions are equal.

Potential consequences include:

  1. Day suspension 

  2. Week suspension 

  3. Weekend suspension 

  4. Month suspension 

  5. Regatta suspension 

  6. Expulsion 

Although we have a three-strike policy, physical contact (such as hitting, grabbing, pushing, punching, slapping, etc.) or threat thereof will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion, with a review of the offense with the parents of the sailor(s) involved as soon as possible for determination of consequence.

a) The First, Second and Third Offense records are not for life, and expire every
calendar year (one year after the date of each recording). For legal purposes, all previous warnings will be kept on file.
b) If a sailor receives three written warnings and a corrective measure/sanction is handed down to the sailor, after completion of the corrective measure/sanction, the three written warnings will be annulled.
c) CGSC retains the right to withhold refunds of program fees for repeat offenders.
d) Any corrective sanction imposed by the Youth Sailing Director and/or Flag Officers shall not be formally disclosed or otherwise disseminated to other parents, members or families, other than the CGSC management, leadership and/or Board of Directors. Those who do are liable for sanctions within the YSP and the CGSC
e) If any Flag Officer’s child is involved in a review/final determination hearing, that Flag Officer will be recused and a Board Member will be appointed by the remaining Flag Officers.
f) If there is any conflict between this policy and the US Sailing SafeSport guidelines and legal requirements, the US Sailing SafeSport guidelines and legal requirements override.
g) Expulsion of a sailor is the most extreme sanction and should be utilized only in the most extreme situations.


  • Sailors must be checked in past the main gate with the coaches
  • Sailors must be registered for class before arriving.
  • Parking past the gate is for Members of CGSC only 
  • Non-members can escort their kids in for the first day to drop off but once roll call is taken parents must leave the premises unless accompanied by a Member of CGSC
  • Pickup starts a half hour before the scheduled end of day and ends 20 minutes after the scheduled end of day.
  • Sailors will only be released to parents or persons listed on the registration form. 
  • CGSC coaches reserve the right to check the identification of anyone coming to collect a sailor. 
  • If any unapproved persons are to collect your sailor(s) you must notify the Sailing Director beforehand
  • Any sailor left at CGSC after pickup times will be assessed After Care Fees. Parents must notify the Sailing Director or Main Office that they will be late.


  1. Life Jacket/PFD – Type 3 USCG Approved (no collar on the lifejacket)
  2. Non-skid water shoes, NO crocs or open sandals (think flip flops)
  3. Hat
  4. Bagged Lunch
  5. Refillable water bottle
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Sunscreen for reapplication
  8. Change of Clothes
  9. Towel
  10. Bag to store items

NOTE: CGSC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All items found at end of day are deposited in Lost And Found.

NOTE: CGSC does not provide Life Jackets or Lunch – Sailors must bring both


Parking is for Members of the Coconut Grove Sailing Club ONLY. No exceptions.


CGSC will hold class rain or shine, in case of bad weather sailors will remain on land doing other activities – however we reserve the right to call for an early dismissal if bad weather persists. No refunds or credits will be given due to inclement weather, or excessive wind


In the event that you must cancel your reservation, you will receive a refund for the total amount of registration minus a non-refundable $100 registration fee. Cancellation notice must be submitted in writing. Requests for cancellation due to illness or accident require a physician’s written verification and will receive a full refund.