CGSC youth sailing Gold Fleet coach Christian Johansen began sailing when he was just five. He sailed Optis for Team USA and was a very successful 420 sailor competing all over the US. Christian, now 20, says sailing has shaped him into the adult he is today. Here, he tells why is happy to give back to the sport that has given him so many opportunities.

“I have never for one moment regretted choosing sailing over baseball or basketball. It has given me so many life skills that I use every day. I started sailing when I was five and competitively from the age of 8. I wasn’t the best-behaved kid, but sailing made me mature, and respectful, not only to my coaches and other adults, but also to my fellow sailors. as well as the sea and nature. Sailing is a Corinthian sport and shapes the whole child. It helped with my studies at school, it made me industrious and I still relish the challenge it gives me every time I go out on to the water. I love teaching the kids, and giving back to this sport which has given me so much.”