Richard Crisler, a lifetime club member and certified instructor, has been teaching adult sailing at CGSC for more than 25 years, and has taken the helm as chairman of Adult Training for the last ten years. More than 2,500 students have taken his classes, clinics or been coached by him, and hundreds of those have been certified, including many of our club’s members and boat owners. Here Richard, who is still as passionate about sailing and teaching today as when he started, tells how his beloved sport brings friends and family together.

“Many of the club’s current members and boat owners, were originally introduced to our club through our basic sailing courses. In addition to scheduled group classes each month, we offer unlimited private classes to individuals, couples, families, special interest groups, and more. For couples and families, sailing can be a most incredible form of togetherness, especially when everyone knows how to sail and how the sailboat “works”. Our classes cover the most basic elements of sailing, as well as a strong emphasis on safety and seamanship. In only a two-day class, students will learn how to accomplish sailing feats, often not known by experienced self-taught sailors. After the class, students have the opportunity to be tested for certification, and if they are not ready, we offer very affordable coaching in two-hour minimum sessions, which can be taken almost any day of the week between sunrise and sunset. We are very flexible in this regard, as we work to accomplish the club’s mission of teaching safe sailing and good seamanship. Lastly, I want to tell you that I am truly blessed. Teaching at CGSC continues to be an incredible experience of getting to meet so many nice people and making lifetime acquaintances and friends.”

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