Meet CGSC Diunieski “Koky” Gutierrez


A Sailing Story from CGSC’s Youth Sailing Director, Diunieski “Koky” Gutierrez

“CGSC Youth Sailing Director and US Team coach, Koky Gutierrez, began sailing competitively at the age of eight. He was a member of the Cuban National Team and a champion Laser sailor. Here he tells why sailing is so important.

I grew up in the sport of sailing and I believe it has taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I can apply in life. Sailing forms you as a person. It educated me; and made me a better and more independent student.

Sailing is a sport that connects you to Mother Nature and gives you a love of the sea. The people are very nice generally speaking, and I have made good friends throughout my life. I had the opportunity to sail at a high level and I love the idea of just being out there sailing, going fast on a boat over the water. Sailing is my life and the best thing that ever happened to me.”